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While we leave it up to you to judge the U5 with regards to styling, the SUV does come with a lot of modern exterior elements, such as the full-LED headlights, a sharp beltline design, hidden door handles, dual-channel rear spoiler and a continuous light strip at the rear.

It measures 4,680 mm (184.2 inches) in length, 1,880 mm (74.0 inches) in width, stands 1,680 mm (66.1 inches) tall and has a wheelbase that spans 2,800 mm (110.2 inches). To put it plainly, it’s considerably smaller than a Model X or even the e-tron SUV, but is more or less comparable in size to the Mercedes EQC.


The interior of the U5 certainly looks premium, especially with features such as the one-piece sports seats, ambient lighting, floating center console and available AI ID face recognition. There’s also a “tri-fold display” in front of the driver acting as the gauge cluster, joined by a 12.3-inch LCD infotainment display in the middle of the dashboard.

On the move, the U5 offers active safety systems such as Automatic Queuing for Traffic Jams, Automated Highway Driving Assistance or the All-Situation Autonomous Parking function, while over-the-air software updates will ensure that you’re always up to date with the latest advancements.


The Aiways U5 utilizes a 63 kWh liquid cooled master battery back that works in conjunction with the world’s first “AI battery pack” – acting like a range extender. Normally, the driving range is 460 km (285 miles), although once you combine the two, you can cover more than 560 km (348 miles) of open road.

As for performance, maximum power output is a modest 140 kW (188 HP), while peak torque stands at 315 Nm (232 lb-ft). Add the fact that the U5 is front-wheel drive only and you can begin to understand how it will definitely undercut its premium European rivals when it comes to pricing.


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[ Exterior ]


ALL-LED Headlights

High lumen crystal headlights exuding intelligent light


Sharp and Smooth Side Beltline

Outlining the broad frame of the vehicle and highlights the lateral curvature


Continuous Light Strip

Interlaced construction of rear windshield and shoulder line sublimates the technological value visually


Dual-Channel Spoiler

Further reducing drag for a longer range


[ Interior ]


One-Piece Sports Seats

One-piece sports seats with 360-degree comfortable support supple to the touch and pleasing to the eye


Rear AC Vent

Elegant and Uniquely designed
Quick temperature adjustment and gentle air flow


Ambient Lighting

Customizable color lighting creating unique excitement and memory for each journey


3 Driving Modes and Energy Recovery

Combination choices to deliver a smooth and pleasant driving experience


Floating Center Console

Ingenious design for more enjoyable operation
Liberating more flexible storage room


Spacious and Comfortable Rear Space

Extra-large space that allows more freedom of movement


Immersive AI Smart Cabin

Creating immersive experience and a new way to interact with your car


[ Tech ]


Advanced IDAS

Thinks what you think and soothes your driving anxieties


Automatic Queuing during Traffic Jams

Free your feet with automatic following function in traffic jams


Automated Highway Driving Assistance

Reducing human errors caused by fatigue


All-Situation Autonomous Parking

Enjoy the convenience of having the car handle the hassle of parking


OTA Upgrades

Automatic system upgrades, making sure your car is always at its best.

   · SOTA updates   · FOTA updates    · DOTA remote diagnosis


Fully-charged master battery pack with a range of more than 460 kilometers under comprehensive conditions

The world's first AI battery pack that increases range by more than 100 kilometers
Combined electric-only range of over 560 kilometers


High Energy Density

Battery pack energy density of over 170 Wh/kg, body lightweight level of 2.3


Minimum Mileage Anxiety

Fully-charged master battery pack with a range of more than 460 kilometers under comprehensive conditions


The World's First AI Battery Pack

Increases range by more than 100 kilometers


Worry-Free Quality

C-NCAP five-star standard design


Intelligent Battery Management System

Prompts users to optimize driving habits and extend battery life based on big data analysis


Industrial Grade IP67 Waterproof Rating

Successfully passed unprotected soaking experiment of being soaked 1 meter under water for 24 hours


Comprehensive, Professional and Rigorous Testing

Delivering hardware with quality that is 3-4 times higher than the industry standard


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2019 Aiways U5 Ion

$30,990.00 Regular Price
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